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How To Fix Android Gmail App – Easy Solutions

It’s funny when you think that you need to have a Gmail account to function as Android devices. But, what to do if you find Gmail App Not Working on your Android smartphone or Tablet.

Gmail App Not Working

A lot of users have been using Gmail on their Android phones and find many issues that interrupt their work. That’s why we are giving here a full overview of what all things can go wrong with your Android Gmail App.

You’ll get to know some of the common Gmail error that can come up, and how to fix them of course.

Before we get down to the bare bone of the fixes. It’s better if you know what causes the app not to work in the first place.

Probable Reasons Why Your Gmail App is Not Responding

It is nearly impossible to go on without a working Gmail. Therefore, if you find your Gmail is not working on your Android device, here are some few reasons why.

  • App Not Updated

More often than not, an outdated Gmail App will cease to function properly. Without the latest security patch, Gmail App won’t work.

Gmail Not Working Causes

  • Not Enough Memory

If your device memory is running low, you will run into a problem with your Gmail App.

  • Incorrect Password

It’s pretty basic, but, if you put in the wrong login credentials, it is obvious Gmail won’t work.

  • Virus Infection

Lastly, a virus infection is a major cause of Gmail App not Working error.

These are some reason of causes why your Gmail is not working on Android. Depending on the user, the causes may vary, but, no matter what the issue with your Gmail. The fix is pretty straightforward.

5 Easy Fixes

Be it a Gmail app or any other app for that matter. Some glitches are pretty hard to get rid of. To help you fix your Gmail App error, we have put together some easy solutions to help you.

  •  Re-Install It

Re-Install Gmail App

The very first drill you must perform is to perform a complete installation cycle. Un-Install your Android Gmail App, clear your phone cache memory, then re-install it back again.

Don’t worry! All of your data will remain intact, safely stored in the cloud.

This is one of the effective solutions out there, and the best part is, it hardly takes 5 minutes.

  • Check Google Status

Often your device is not to blame. That’s why is safe if you check the status of Google before taking any further steps.

Just click on this Link to check the status of various G-Suit Apps, Gmail including. With just one glance, you’ll get to know what all services are online, and what all services are out of order.

  • Recover Lost Password

Forgot Gmail Password

For most other apps, if you forget the password, you have your Email to the rescue. But, what to do if you are having trouble with the password of Gmail itself.

Lucky, Google has you covered. You can use the recovery mail option to recover your lost password. To do that, it is important that you set your recovery information beforehand, basically at the time you are setting up your account.

This might take a while, but with a few clicks here and there you will be able to recover your Gmail account.

  • Get The Updates

It is adviced that you do not keep any updates pending. Whenever you get a Gmail update, do it right away. That way you get to enjoy all the latest security patches Google has to offer.

Keeping the app updated is one of the best ways to resolve the Gmail App Not Working issue.

If you happen to find a Gmail not updating issue, do contact Gmail technical support help for assistance.

  • Make Some Room

Free Phone Memory

A limited amount of storage space can also be one of the reason. Therefore, if you have a Gmail App Not Working error, check if you have enough space on your device.

Remove some of those unnecessary apps to make some space for Gmail to function.

There you go, these are the top fixes you can apply if your Android Gmail App is not working as it should. For the most part, you can easily go on with the fix.

But, at times the going gets really tough. In that case, you have Gmail customer care service to help out. Just make a call at their 24×7 available toll-free number.


Gmail is a kind of app that does not disappoint, but, you have the good days and the bad days. We hope some of the above solutions can help you to resolve Gmail App Not Working error, for further assistance you can always call Gmail customer support +1-877-753-2269.

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