A boomer walks into a bar, stops for a moment, and says “Now what did I come in here for?”

I’ve been around for about 23,000 days, and before I succumb to the forces of mortality (as census.govputs it), I’ve got things to do.

If you’re like me and other boomers, you hear the big “tick tock.” Especially when you run upstairs only to forget your mission by the time you arrive at the top step.

This blog is about making things happen now. Today is the time to move off the dime. Wrinkles, gray hair, drooping gut, lost keys — screw it! I’m aiming for a late peak.

We boomers better have some smarts by now — experience, skills, even some wisdom to sprinkle around. And we better make each day a joy to be alive.

I – and maybe you — have some things to do, some hills to get over on the way to a place with a better view where it’s time to settle into old age. I will blog my way over the hills. Come along.

— Donn