Will you still feed me…

If you’re a boomer, you know how the line ends. And if you haven’t already experienced being 64, it’s on the way.  

In the USA, it’s the year before you go on Medicare and maybe Social Security. If your goal is to live to 100, you could have 36 years of gently gliding down the hill, which you are definitely over.

Or you could start something new.

For me 64 feels like the last year of middle age. I feel young. I squint when I look in the mirror and have enough imagination to see a young person on most days, in low light.

Which keeps me in the segment of the population that gets up every day and goes to work.

Starting August 20 I have painted an average of one picture a day using oil paint. That day was the beginning of a revelation, a coming together of a lifetime of sketching and painting (acrylic paint without satisfaction) and my aspirations.

So I am a painter, if not yet an artist. At present, my painting 1. represents recognizable objects (No on can yet say, “What is it?” That is coming, I hope.), that also 2. conveys a feeling through color, lighting, setting, design.

It’s not been an especially pretty process. I am (cringing and) painting over most of my old acrylic canvases. I suppose they were all necessary. Yet I wonder if I couldn’t have done this sooner, which is a theme for me. But that’s another blog, one that I probably won’t publish.

Sometime soon, I expect more discoveries. It’s a theme for most boomers who continue to wonder, to put effort into inquiry and stay curious.

You have discoveries to make. Maybe you will write a book, learn rocket science, pick up tap dancing again, start a modge podge leaf collection like my 92-year-old dad, or take up oil painting.

Who could ask for more? When we’re 64!

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